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Does your car pull one way or another? Maybe a slight drift? Have you noticed your tires wearing irregular or prematurely? When is the last time you had the alignment checked? We recommend having an alignment performed every 6 months or every time you have tires installed. Make this money saving maintenance part of your routine services. We will check your alignment at no cost & if it needs the basic alignment, the cost starts at only $59.95!! Stop by the shop today & have your alignment checked. No Appointment Need!!
Listen to our commercial spots on 104.5 The Zone & 103.3 WKDF for our upcoming sales. Mention you heard about us on the radio & receive $5 off of your next oil change at the time of service.
Free AC Performance Test
Summer heat is right around the corner. We can check the ac components of your vehicle & insure that it operating at optimal performance & reliability. Stop by the shop today & have your vehicle AC inspected at no charge. Need the system recharged? AC servicing starts at $79.95 for AC Evac & Recharge (includes 1 lb. of Freon with service)
Do My Tires Have Enough Tread?
Believe it or not, this is a common question that asked often. Most people are not aware of how their tires are performing, unless they are having an issue, or until it is too late. Knowing what condition your tires are in & how they are wearing can save you time & money; it may even prevent a collision or spin out in wet weather. Be sure to have your tires inspected regularly, as part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Feel free to stop by the shop & have your tire tread checked before you take a trip or vacation. We'll even check pressure at no charge!